Love2House @ Proud, Camden [17 April 2015]

Proud is a cool venue with 2 large rooms and a number of smaller sections, located in Camden's stables market. I have played there for 3 events, in the second room to the left of the entrance. Two of the events were Love2House, judging by the name, you could guess the were House music events.

Love2House attracts a good party crowd full of energy, and I really enjoyed both set's I played. I played a mix of Funky House, Nu Disco and Deep House, which was the perfect sound for these events.

As much as I loved it, unfortunately I decided to stop playing the House styles so that I could focus more on underground Trance, where my heart remains.

Track of the night was "Calippo - Need a friend". This went down really well and got people moving.

Track of the day:

Calippo - Need a friend