Quantum Groove 014

Welcome to the fourteenth episode of Quantum Groove. Another unique 2 hour progression starting dark with a melodic touch and gently increasing energy in preperation for the full on pounders later on in the mix. Enjoy!

Episode Recording: 20 Oct 2018


01. Alignments - Fuel (Releasse Remix) [Uxmal Records]
02. Side Effects - Deep Dive (Atacama Remix) [Digital Om]
03. DJ Bim, Drukverdeler - Pathfinder (Live Version) [Yellow Sunshine Explosion]
04. Denature - Flying Lotus (Original Mix) [Digital Nature Records]
05. Multiphase, Dream Architect - Dreamphase (Dual Vision Remix) [Digital Nature Records]
06. Impact - Essence of Life (Original Mix) [Iono Music]
07. Impact, Waveform - Speed of Light (Original Mix) [Iono Music]
08. Symphonix - Lost in This Moment (Haldolium Remix) [Blue Tunes Records]
09. Shadow Chronicles - Supernature (Original Mix) [Iboga Records]
10. Mr. Peculiar, Sonic Species - Unleash the Beat (Antinomy Remix) [Digital Om]
11. Ilai, One Function - Energy of Life (Original Mix) [Iono Music]
12. Maitika - Cross the Border (Original) [Digital Om]
13. Impact, Static Movement - Atlantic Spirit (2018 Remix) [Iono Music]
14. Jakaan - Our Brain (Original) [Digital Om]
15. Sideform - Advanced Civilization (Original) [Digital Om]
16. Makida - Timeline (Original Mix) [Transcape Records]
17. Side Effects - Twisted (Original Mix) [TechSafari Records]
18. Agenda - Suspenda (Original Mix) [Alchemy Records]
19. Shadow Chronicles - Another Earth (Original) [Digital Om]
20. Middle Mode, Audiofire (UK) - Night Vision (Original) [Digital Om]
21. Astro-D - Distance To Paradise (Kundalini Remix) [Pharmacy Music]
22. N-Kore - Alive (Original Mix) [Mutagen Records]
23. 01-N, Te-Tuna - Goa Trippers (Original Mix) [Geomagnetic]
24. Chacruna - The Beginning (Original Mix) [Maharetta Records]