ILOVEMYDJ @ Ministry of Sound (Loft) [23 March 2012]

Ministry of Sound is without a doubt one of the best night clubs in the world. There are 4 rooms, obviously, 'The Box' (which hosts the Gallery) is the main room with a monster sound system. The next best room is 103, the main bar area, usually a House Music floor but always a good vibe in there. Then there's the 'Baby Box', a smaller room hosted ny particular promoters, and finally there's the loft upstairs also hosted by various promotors.

I have played in the Loft for different promoters a few times, the last time was for ILOVEMYDJ. That was a really great night and fantastic crown filled up the loft. My set time started the same time Andy Moor played in the Box, so keeping the crowd was very challenging!

I would really love a set in the Box one day, and I'll continue to work my way up to it. All my sets in the Loft were challenging and I learned a lot from them, for example, playing the right music at the right tme, for the right crowd, and how to keep the flow. I definitely made some mistakes and learned from them, but look forward to samshing it the next time!

Track of the night for me was Boza - Somthing About Ibiza (Boza's Classic Mix). A quality House track which went down really well with the crowd.

Track of the day:

Boza - Somthing About Ibiza (Boza's Classic Mix)