Quantum Groove

Quantum Groove is a 2 hour journey of beautiful sound specifically designed to listen from beginning to end. I spend a fair amount of time sourcing the music, and finding the right energy throughout the mix.

I like to start with some driving Progressive grooves with captivating synth lines and some cinematic tribal drums in between, to draw in your attention.

I gently speed it up along the way, usually starting at around 136 BPM and ending on some Full On Psy at 142 BPM. Perfect to listen to while travelling, driving, cooking, cleaning, running and sometimes while working.

Latest Podcast

Quantum Groove 020

Welcome to Quantum Groove Episode 020. I am hugely thankful for all the support I have recieved so far on all previous episodes, so I wanted to bring these episodes to life. 

I recorded some visual animations while mixing this episode and recorded some more afterwards. It was the first time I attemted to VJ so I'm totally new to this. I had to edit the animations afterwards, and add extra effects and transitions,. It took a very long time but I really enjoyed it.

I don't expect anyone to stare at the animations for the full 2 hours, but they could be nice to have on the TV while the music plays to look at a few times for short periods of time during the mix.

Thank You again for your support, and thank you to all the artists for creating these amazing tracks. Please support these artists when they visit your city :)