Quantum Groove 026

Hello friends. Hapy new year, hope 2021 is starting postively for you. Here is the first episode of Quantum Groove for 2021, packed full of energy and tension. Starting at 142 BPM and progressing to 145 BPM throughout the journey, which is just under 3 hours! I enjoyed recording this extended set and it really got me moving. All the tracks are excellent, amazing work by all the artists. Hope you enjoy :)

Episode Recording: 26 Dec 2020


01. Manmachine - Planets Came Back (Original Mix) [Expo Records]
02. Anomalia - Chakra (Original Mix) [Nutek Records]
03. Aioaska - Seratone (Original Mix) [Iono Music]
04. Lyktum - Sacred Plants (Aion Remix) [Iono Music]
05. Chacruna - Suria (Original Mix) [Antu Records]
06. Side Winder - Darvox (Satinka Remix) [JOOF Recordings]
07. Cyberg - Shape of the Earth (Original Mix) [Critical Overload]
08. Pixel, Wrecked Machines - Weekend (3 Of Life Remix) [Stereo Society]
09. Sabretooth - Metanoia (Original Mix) [BMSS Records]
10. Middle Mode - Extension (Original Mix) [Antu Records]
11. Astral Sense, Sectastral - Astral Encounter (Original Mix) [Progg'n'Roll]
12. Auravoid - Life on Mars (Original Mix) [Expo Records]
13. New Point, AlipTical - AliptcPoint (Original Mix) [Zoo Music]
14. Sonic Species - Generation-X (WAIO Remix) [Zero One Music]
15. Pan, Mechanimal - District Lines (Original Mix) [Expo Records]
16. Spectra Sonics, Dominant Space - Fifth Dimension (Original) [Digital Om]
17. Insignia - Liquid Space Technology (Original Mix) [Profound Records]
18. Xerox, Illumination, Avalon - Heavy Sheet (Original Mix) [Tip Records Limited]
19. Relativ - Double Dose (Original) [Digital Om]
20. X-NoiZe, Volcano, Sonic Species - Future DMT (Original Mix) [Sacred Technology]
21. Sonic Species - Smashing The Veil (Original Mix) [Nano Records]
22. Melicia, Faders - Nirvana (Slivium & Disorder Remix) [Sacred Technology]
23. Middle Mode, Spinal Fusion - Orb (Original) [Digital Om]
24. Mad Hatters, Audio-X - Mind of Grams (Original Mix) [Spectral Illusions]
25. Ephemeris - Bodhi (Original Mix) [Sahman Records]
26. Nova Fractal - Mass Extinction (Original Mix) [Ovnimoon Records]
27. Vertikka - Futura (Original Mix) [Reson8 Music]
28. GMS, Stryker - Music & Drugs (Original Mix) [United Beats Records]
29. Psilocybe Project - Power to the People (Original Mix) [Dissidia Records]
30. Tropical Bleyage - Sechica Crew (Lexxus (DE) Remix) [Dacru Records]
31. NaiLiK - Gigahertz (Stack Rack Remix) [Sculpted Sounds]