Out Now: Enigma

Cyberg has come in with a very dark and devilish tune out on Liquid Energy. If there was ever a track that would fuel you in a time of draught this would be it here, an absolute power driver that has ticked all the right boxes. This here is the perfect balance of raw energy, hard and vigorous bass and an atmosphere that will sweep you right into the underworld.
Cyberg @ Tropi, Ibiza DMT Festival, Portugal


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Psychedelic Sessions 011

Underground Energy

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New Blog: Top 15 VST Synthesizers in my projects

15: The Riser Price: $79.99 This is really an amazing tool for rising sounds. It comes with enough presets to give you idea's and it is really simple to record different variations. I love how simple it is to controll pitch, filter cutoff, volume and modulation through envelopes which can give you perfectly timed rising sounds. This synth costs $80, but keep a lookout at plugin...