Out Now: Lunartech

Cyberg is back and he is here with an out of this world trancer that'll set your mind on fire. This here is a piece of art, giving us a spine-tingling track that'll have you consumed from the very first instant. 'Lunartech' is a powerful and is here to set you on a path of trance indulgence.
Cyberg @ Tropi, Ibiza DMT Festival, Portugal


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A new podcast series which will be available to play on Soundcloud, Mixcloud, Hearthis, Edeejay and Youtube

New Blog: Top 15 VST Synthesizers in my projects

15: The Riser Price: $79.99 This is really an amazing tool for rising sounds. It comes with enough presets to give you idea's and it is really simple to record different variations. I love how simple it is to controll pitch, filter cutoff, volume and modulation through envelopes which can give you perfectly timed rising sounds. This synth costs $80, but keep a lookout at plugin...