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"Geomagnetic delivers a blasting single from Cyberg. Cyberg is Psy-Trance DJ & Producer, specialising in a range of Progressive, and Fullon Psy-Trance, with releases on Liquid Energy Digital and Geomagnetic Records. Originally from Johannesburg, South Africa now living in London, UK, Cyberg has played at various club and festival events in South Africa, London, Ibiza, Portugal and Switzerland. Cyberg regularly plays at Club 414 in London and spends most of his free time in his studio working on his next single. Cyberg's unique dark and driving sound is versatile, which can cater to anything from long, hypnotic opening Progressive sets, to full on, high energy peak time sets, and closing sets as well."
Cyberg @ Tropi, Ibiza DMT Festival, Portugal

Cyberg DJ Set's

Quantum Groove 018

Quantum Groove 017

Quantum Groove

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New Blog: Better Project Colours in Cubase

Cubase has some neutral, default colours already set up, but I find them a bit dull because personally, I like bright and bold colours on the screen as it makes it much easier to focus on various things. Most importantly the colours must have a good contrast to the darker shade of waveforms and midi notes, so a colour like navy blue won't work very well, but a nice turquoise blue will. Track colours might not both...