Quantum Groove

Quantum Groove is a 2 hour journey of beautiful sound specifically designed to listen from beginning to end. I spend a fair amount of time sourcing the music, and finding the right energy throughout the mix.

I like to start with some driving Progressive grooves with captivating synth lines and some cinematic tribal drums in between, to draw in your attention.

I gently speed it up along the way, usually starting at around 136 BPM and ending on some Full On Psy at 142 BPM. Perfect to listen to while travelling, driving, cooking, cleaning, running and sometimes while working.

Latest Podcast

Quantum Groove 029

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Hellooo Friends! I'm back with a new episode of Quantum Groove. This one is is more on the Full on side of PsyTrance, with full on energy from start to finish. I really love these peak time sets and really enjoyed recording this one. Thank you to all these incredible artists for making such excellent sounds. Hope you enjoy!

Quantum Groove 029 Tracklist:

01. Space Cat feat. Audiotec - Crystal Sense (Original Mix) [HOMmega Productions]
02. Kristallklar - Lost Planet (Monolock Remix) [Digital Nature Records]
03. Sabretooth, Mechanimal - Quantum Fluctuation (Original Mix) [24/7 Records]
04. Mechanimal, Audiofire (UK) - Organic Design (Original Mix) [24/7 Records]
05. DJ Bim, Orisma - Become One (Original Mix) [Yellow Sunshine Explosion]
06. Shockwave - Water Of Life (Original Mix) [Maharetta Records]
07. Xenoben - Quasar (Original Mix) [TesseracTstudio]
08. Ital - Old School (Sabretooth Remix) [Expo Records]
09. Zaid Osta - Energy Faith Devotion (Original Mix) [Iono Music]
10. Cosmic Tone, Ital - Last Chance (Original Mix) [Iono Music]
11. Sonic Species - Tokyo Sunrise (Faders Remix) [Tip Records]
12. Side Effects, Sonic Sense - Euphoria (Original Mix) [TechSafari Records]
13. Sonic Species - Zero (A-Tech Remix) [Dacru Records]
14. Hypnoise - The Outside (Original Mix) [Sacred Technology]
15. Pragmatix, Paradigma - Waveforms (Original Mix) [Antu Records]
16. Outsiders - Lucid Dream (Original Mix) [Sacred Technology]
17. GMS, Stryker - Firecrackers (Original Mix) [United Beats Records]
18. Krunch, Ekanta - Flow (Original Mix) [Vagalume Records]
19. Kalki, Lunarave - Another State of Matter (Original Mix) [TechSafari Records]
20. Spiritual Mode, Transient Disorder - True Hallucination (Aktyum Remix) [Dacru Records]
21. Astrix - Life System (Mad Tribe Remix) [Shamanic Tales]
22. E-Mov, Transient Disorder - Unicorns Still Exist (Original Mix) [Dacru Records]
23. Spirit Architect, Out of Range - Space X (Original) [Digital Om]
24. Astrix - Sapana (Avalon Remix) [Shamanic Tales]
25. Tebra - Rod (Electric Universe Remix) [Sacred Technology]
26. Brainiac - Magma (Original Mix) [24/7 Records]
27. Vertikka - The Sun (Original Mix) [Dacru Records]
28. Anomalia - Imagination (Original Mix) [Nutek Records]
29. 1200 Micrograms - The Rush (New Version) (Original Mix) [Tip Records]
30. Shekinah - Traveler (Original Mix) [Mosaico]
31. M-Theory, Journey OM - Five Grams (Original Mix) [Free-Spirit Records]
32. GMS, Dickster - Dirty Dreaming (Original Mix) [Nano Records]