Quantum Groove 017

Prepare yourself for an exciting 2 hour thrilling journey into sound. All tracks in this episode were carefully selected to create a positive and instense journey. All tracks produced to excelent perfection, huge thank you to all the artists for their hard work and effort.

Episode Recording: 16 Feb 2019


01. Ace Ventura, Symbolic - The World That You Know (GMS Remix) [Iboga Records]
02. Eat Static - Visitors (GMS Remix) [Future Music Records]
03. Physis - Life Is A Dream (Original Mix) [Alien Records]
04. Kristallklar - Cosmic Balance (Original Mix) [Planet B.E.N. Records]
05. Tim Bourne - Akasha (Original Mix) [JOOF Mantra]
06. Dualstatic - News From The Moon (Original Mix) [Digital Nature Records]
07. Side Effects - City on Mars (Original Mix) [Iono Music]
08. Zezia, Humerous - Perfection (Original Mix) [Psyology
09. Alignments, Euphorya - I See the Light (Original Mix) [BMSS Records]
10. Ektoside - Zero Gravity (Original Mix) [Digital Nature Records]
11. Altered State - Equation (Original Mix) [Iono Music]
12. Soniq Vision - Neuron Control (Original Mix) [Expo Records]
13. Protoculture - Out of Reality (Shadow Chonicles Remix) [Future Music Records]
14. Owntrip - Own Roots (Original Mix) [Dropland Recordings]
15. Tristate, Genetrick - Mind of God (Original) [Digital Om]
16. Magnus - Transcend (Original Mix) [Iono Music]
17. N-Kore - Neuron Blasters (Life Extension Remix) [Dacru Records]
18. Mechanimal - Cycles And Rythms (Original Mix) [24/7 Records]
19. GMS, Upgrade - 90 Million Degrees (Original Mix) [Future Music Records]
20. Chacruna - Los Gatos (Original Mix) Maharetta [Records]
21. Redrosid - Infra.Red (Original Mix) [TechSafari [Records]
22. Relativ - Out of My Mind (Sabretooth Remix) [Iono Music]
23. OptimizE - Aztec Technologies (Original Mix) [Profound Records]
24. Denshi Danshi - Brain Chemistry (Original Mix) [Suntrip Records]