Cyberg's Biography:

Welcome and thank you for taking the interest to get to know a bit more about me!

I discovered my musical interest from a young age of around 5. I remember my first ever favourite songs from the early nineties: a pop track called "Indecent Obsession - Kiss me" and "MC Hammer - can't touch this". I loved bands like Roxette and Duran Duran, Bryan Adams etc, and loved Disco music as well. I always loved emotional music and music I could feel inside of me.

In the mid 90's I was introduced to "Rave" music also known as Techno. At the time bands like 2 Unlimited, Milk Inc etc were being played on repeat in my bedroom. In 1999 I started to learn DJ'ing, playing mostly House music and a bit of Hard House.

I played my first club event in my home town of Bedfordview (Johannesburg, South Africa), on December 31st 1999, the last night of the millennium. I only played for about 30 minutes, the club was empty and there were exactly 3 people in the club, all on the dancefloor having an amazing time! At that point (the last night of the millennium) is when I realised I wanted to do it all over again, give people the time of their lives on the dancefloor. So the next chapter began, into the next millennium!

Over the next 3-4 years, during my years of secondary school, I played various House parties, sold CD's at school to fund my Vinyl collection, and played at various night clubs. I played a range of Deep House, Deep Tech House, Progressive House, Electro House and Tribal House. I was a big fan Drop music (Inland Knights), Xpress 2, Roger Sanchez, Sasha & Digweed, the list goes on.

I started 'making beats' on Propellered Reason 2.0 software, and started learning how to structure tracks and synthesize sounds.

I released my first track in 2005 on a compilation called the UK unsigned Top 20, then went on to release my first Vinyl under my label I started up for the release called "Stereo FX", which included a remix by 2 of the Flash Brothers, who were releasing big records at that time. My label gained momentum in the Progressive House scene at the time and released many tracks by great artists including Frangellico. I had a great recording studio and enjoyed working full time in there, usually working on Progressive House remixes, HIP Hop Recording and production, and I had started producing uplifting Trance as well. My idea's were good, but I could not execute the strength of sound required for a good release (I still struggle with that today!)

During this time I was attending some amazing parties, raves and dance events and found myself always on the Trance floor, which had transitioned me into buying Uplifting and Progressive Trance records, and was the start of my next chapter.

I moved to the UK in 2009. It took me about a year to settle in, and from then on continued releasing under artists on my label, continued with my productions and started playing some events at some London clubs including Gigulum, Pacha and Ministry of Sound. I got an opportunity to open a main stage festival twice, and got various small gigs in Ibiza.

After releasing a few Uplifting and Tech Trance tracks, I realised the sound I wanted to create was not big synth melodies. I found it got repetitive and boring. I had more of an interest in creating a journey for the listener, which lead into my next chapter. The Psychedelic chapter...

I always enjoyed attending Psychedelic festivals just outside my home town of Johannesburg but at that time I could never see myself playing or producing Psy-Trance. I thought it sounded very complicated to produce (and it is indeed), but I always loved the cleanliness of the sound. I got into Psy-Trance by attending one of London's Trance events which featured a 4 hour set by John Askew. Room 2 was playing some pumping Progressive Psy, and John Askew dropped a good mix of Progressive, Trance and Psy-Trance. That night flipped the switch for me, coming from Above & Beyond Anjuna beats style of Trance, I witnessed the driving basslines control the crowd (me included) and couldn't stop thinking about that night for weeks to come.

It still took me a few years to transition fully into Psy-Trance. I kept my radio residency of my Deep Emotions Uplifting Trance podcast on and completed 5 years (60 shows) before finally deciding to focus only on Psy-Trance. The real reason behind my change was purely in my productions. After years of trying to produce melodic music, I realised that synthesizing sounds and making them sound musical and taking the listener on a 9 minute journey is really what I feel in my productions, and I felt that trying to make big synth melodies with the same intro and track structure was not what music was about, and not what I got into DJ'ing and producing for.

I am now playing regularly at London's best Psy-Trance club 414 Brixton, and I was really happy to play at DMT Festival (Portugal) and the amazing Shankra Festival in Switzerland. I'm sure there will be many more amazing events to come. Thank you for reading my story, and if you ever get to see me at a festival please don't hesitate to say hello to me! Until then, good bye :D

Insomnia Festival (Portugal)
Enjoying a Saturday afternoon at the amazing Insomnia Festival in Portugal
Recording Studio
This is where the magic happens...
Recording Studio
DJ set up with Traktor and Rekordbox.
Recording Studio
My Previous London studio
Recording Studio
This is where it all started...