Quantum Groove 022

Welcome to Quantum Groove 022. A new melodic and subtle Progressive PsyTrance DJ mix. This is is very atmospheric and hypnotic, beautiful, smooth & classy sounds from start to finish.

This is my first mix of the new decade, which includes something new from me. Over two hours of amazing music from amazing artists. Please support them if you love their music. Hope you enjoy the journey :D

Episode Recording: 11 Jan 2020


01. Human Element - Memories (Original Mix) [Iboga Records]
02. Tongue & Groove - Gravity Assist (Original Mix) [Nano Records]
03. Emok, Martin Vice, Shanti V Deedrah - Doomed (Original Mix) [Iboga Records]
04. Reverse - Free Spirit (Original Mix) [Solar Records]
05. GMO - Forty-Two (Original Mix) [Blue Tunes Records]
06. Mindwave - Systematic Numbers (Original Mix) [TechSafari Records]
07. GMO - Oblivious (Original Mix) Blue [Tunes Records]
08. Audiodact - Homebound (Original Mix) [Iboga Records]
09. Dualstatic - Techreligion (Original Mix) [Digital Nature Records]
10. Liquid Soul, Protonica - Levitate (Original Mix) [Iboga Records]
11. Metronome - Journey Inside Yourself (Original Mix) [432 Records]
12. Osher - Human Emotion (Spectro Senses Remix) [Blue Tunes Records]
13. Cyberg - ID [More Info Soon]
14. Doppler, Tresde - Medium (Original Mix) [TesseracTstudio]
15. Visua - Wanna Dance (Original Mix) [JOOF Mantra]
16. DJ Bim & Drukverdeler, feat. Orisma - Lazarus (Original Mix) [Yellow Sunshine Explosion]
17. Atacama - Time Back to Infinity (Original Mix) [Solar Tech Records]
18. Zentura - Nova Era (Original Mix) [Sourcecode Transmissions]
19. Inner State, Ilai - Human Will (Original Mix) [Iono Music]
20. Side Effects, Sonic Sense - Ayahuasca (Original Mix) [Iono Music]
21. Serjan - Oculus of Time (Original Mix) [New Kicks Records]
22. Emok, Suntree - Catching the Moment (Sideform Remix) [Iboga Records]
23. Tripy - Can Anyone Stop? (Original Mix) [JOOF Mantra]
24. Pulsar, Liquid Sound - Human Brain (Hasche Remix Remaster) [Reson8 Music]
25. Releasse - Walkthroughs (Original Mix) [Transcape Records]