Quantum Groove 024

Welcome to a brand new high energy Psychedelic journey. This mix was live streamed on my twitch channel and I had loads of fun mixing this while streaming. Follow my twitch channel (twitch.tv/cyberg_trance) for more live sets like this. Hope you enjoy :)

Episode Recording: 16 May 2020


01. Shake - Preda2r (Original Mix) [TesseracTstudio]
02. Ticon - Waiting for the Knights (Freq Remix) [Yellow Sunshine Explosion]
03. Atacama - Realtime (Original Mix) [Phoenix Groove Records]
04. Odiseo - Asteroid (Original Mix) [Blue Tunes Records]
05. Redrosid - Illness Controls (Original Mix) [Iono Music]
06. Sonic Entity - Cyber Frame (Original Mix) [TechSafari Records]
07. Impact, Timelock - Dananda (Original Mix) [Dropzone Records]
08. IK├śN - Jupiter (Original Mix) [TechSafari Records]
09. Jiser, Zoetropes, Mind & Matter - Minimum Density (Hyriderz Remix) [Iono Music]
10. Shadow Chronicles - The Matrix (Protonica Remix) [Iboga Records]
11. Shinta - The Scientist (Remastered) [Dissidia Records]
12. Monolock - A Story Of Evolution (Original Mix) [SHAGRA]
13. Ticon, Gaudium - Clear Skies (Original Mix) [Iboga Records]
14. Hinap - Perceptions (Original Mix) [Iono Music]
15. Mindbenderz - Submerge (Original Mix) [Iono Music]
16. Warp Brothers - Phatt Bass (Red Sun, Shade Remix) [Blue Tunes Records]
17. Audiofire (UK) - Charaka (Yeke Yeke Edit) [Digital Om]
18. Lifeforms - Delusions (Original mix) [Iboga Records]
19. Lydia - Shamanic Voices (Original Mix) [Sol Music]
20. GMS, Stryker - Wonder Kids (Original Mix) [United Beats Records]
21. Sonic Species - Tokyo Sunrise (Transient Disorder Remix) [Dacru Records]
22. Soniq Vision - The Evolution (Original Mix) [Blue Tunes Records]
23. Out of Range, Starlab (IN) - Alignment (Live Edit) [Digital Om]
24. Mechanimal - Free Flow (Original Mix) [24/7 Records]
25. Mandala (UK) - Be The Sky (Original Mix) [Nano Records]
26. Lexxus (DE) - Feels Like Buzzing (Original Mix) [Yellow Sunshine Explosion]
27. Astral Projection - Dancing Galaxy (Galactic Explorers Remix) [Sacred Technology]